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I-Vascular Center

Anwar S. Gerges, MD

Vascular Center & Vein Specialist with 3 Texas locations in El Paso, San Antonio, and Abilene
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I-Vascular Center

Vein and vascular surgeon, Anwar S. Gerges, MD, and his team provide comprehensive vein care for people living throughout South Texas with three convenient I-Vascular Center (IVC) locations in San Antonio, El Paso, and Abilene.

The team consists of dedicated and professional physicians who provide advanced, minimally invasive care, including varicose vein treatment. We also diagnose and treat peripheral artery disease (also known as peripheral arterial disease or "PAD"), venous insufficiency, spider veins, and deep vein thrombosis.

In addition, people can receive dialysis access management and PICC line placement on-site, preventing the hassle of visiting the hospital or seeing multiple providers.

Please note that some services are not yet available at all IVC locations.

Dr. Gerges loves spending time with his patients and dedicates himself to understanding their unique health history and concerns. He helps address uncomfortable symptoms using safe and effective outpatient procedures, which allow people to live more active and pain-free lives.

Through prompt diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, Dr. Gerges and the team can minimize vein issues that might lead to heart disease, amputation or other serious complications. To receive all-inclusive vein and vascular care, book a consultation today.



Meet Your Vascular

Vein Surgeon Dr. Anwar S. Gerges

Dr. Anwar S. Gerges is board certified in vascular and endovascular procedures and specializes in limb salvage (amputation prevention) and minimally-invasive El Paso vascular surgery to treat

  • Internal Medicine
  • Interventionist
  • Nephrology

Over the course of his career, Dr. Gerges has performed over {{7,000}} complex peripheral interventions and has been credited with preventing thousands of foot and leg amputations.


In Internal Medicine



In El Paso, TX & San Antonio, TX



From Ain Shams University of Medicine


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We do the best for you and your health.


When you choose I-Vascular Center, you choose compassionate care that puts you first.



Minimally invasive treatments allow us to address most vein problems with virtually no (or very little) pain.


Vein disease affects everyone differently. Our physicians take the time to get to know you and your veins, so you receive the right treatment.



Not only will our treatments reduce the pain and swelling in your legs, but you’ll also have legs you’ll be proud to show off.

Team Members

  • Dr. Cornelius Davis






    Dr. Cornelius Davis III, a board certified cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon can best be described as a passionate, lifelong learner- always seeking the next area to master. He holds undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was a Morehead Scholar.

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  • Naomi Luna

    Theresa Rodriguez

  • Karla Sanchez

    Iliana Carmona

  • Sharon Cooper

    Mirna Herrera

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